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Hey Houston!! The Superbowl is coming!!!.

Matco Enterprises got started in San Diego in 1998 and has been on the Internet providing Superbowl Rentals longer than any other company. This will be our seventh Superbowl. More than anyone else. We have developed successful techniques to assist owners in renting their properties. We have also developed a return clientele for Superbowl Rentals. We look forward to helping you rent out your property.

For those wanting to rent out their property, you can send in up to 4 photographs of your property and a description. Please list how you would like renters to contact you. It's that easy. Our online form makes it easier than ever.

If you have questions please call 888-641-2226 or email

All checks must be made payable to Matco Enterprises.

Terms & Conditions -Superbowl Rentals

SERVICES: The product developed pursuant to this paragraph shall be hereafter referred to as “Listing”.  Matco Enterprises  shall include marketing and promotion of Listing(s) in rental directory and the ability for Advertiser to provide and update Listing details. Advertiser is responsible to add Property Listing including Photos unless otherwise noted. Matco Enterprises does not guarantee results to Owners, Property Managers, or Leasing Agents that use this service.

Upon execution of this Agreement, advertiser will be directed to our payment page and providing the method of payment, will be directed to enter in property information,  address, contact information, rental rates, special rates, amenities and payment and cancellation policies, including up to 4 photos per property.

LIABILITY: In consideration of having their property listed on this website, the advertiser will indemnify Matco Enterprises and agents harmless from all damages, losses, liabilities, and expenses whatsoever, including, but not limited to, attorney's fees and losses resulting from the acceptance of any rental agreement, directly or indirectly from the promotion of listings through this website.

PRICING: The cost for the basic service is $99 per listing provided advertiser uploads property description and photos. In the event Matco Enterprises is directed to provide a Listing description and upload property photographs by Advertiser, the price is $149.00 per listing.  In the event advertiser requires an agent to visit the Listing address to acquire photos and/or Listing description, the fee is $249.00. 

SUPPORT: Advertiser may make changes to their Listing by contacting Matco Enterprises by email at or directly by phone at 888-641-2226.  Operating hours vary therefore messages may be left and any changes needed will be changed at the first opportunity. 

LISTING PERIOD: This agreement shall include a Listing on the web site ending on 2/5/04. Once termination commences the advertising material will no longer be available on the website. We provide additional advertising for the web site in the major newspapers of the cities whose teams play in the Superbowl.

REFUNDS: There are no refunds for advertisers that list their property for the Superbowl.